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Announcing ‘Home Care One’ Online Training Program

Written by Jeff Martin on . Posted in News

Caregivers is happy to announce that ‘Home Care One’ online training will be made available to all of our home support workers this Fall. Through a partnership with Bluedrop Learning Networks, an award-winning e-learning and training company, we have developed this custom courseware solution that will provide a consistent and standardized level of training for home support workers.

Home Care One is a highly practical training solution, aligned with the national standards for home care, and designed to be completed at the participant’s own pace. The certification consists of 15 courses, totaling 10-11 hours of training time. Using a problem based learning approach, the course content is practical and easily translated to on-the-job skills. Each course in Home Care One addresses topics that are relevant to the safety and well-being of both the caregiver and the client.

“At CareGivers, we believe in quality and continuous improvement,” says Bob Dewling, Director of Nursing and Home Care with CareGivers. “Given the geographic dispersion of our province, Home Care One was developed to provide standardized training in an easily accessible manner.”

Throughout each course, there are interactive games and activities to make sure participants understand the main objectives as they are taught. Once the participants have completed all 15 courses, they will be presented with a certificate.

“Upon successful completion of Home Care One, Home Support Workers will be more confident in their ability to perform their role and responsibilities,” adds Bob. “It’s a great solution and we’re looking forward to the launch.”

Home Care One will be made available to all of CareGivers’ home support workers at no cost to the employee in early September. Following the internal roll-out, we will be offering the training on a fee-for-service basis to other home care providers and associations throughout Canada and the United States.

CareGivers Inc. Earns Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada

Written by Chris Healey on . Posted in News

When you need health care, look for a provider accredited by Accreditation Canada.

Recognizing the need to set high standards for care, we voluntarily sought and achieved accreditation from the Canadian council on Health Services Accreditation (now Accreditation Canada) for the first time in 2005.

When you need health care, the most important question you can ask is “are you accredited?”

Accreditation means our practices are independently audited to ensure they meet national standards and that CareGivers is committed to an ongoing program of constant improvement.

CareGivers is fully and unconditionally accredited by Accreditation Canada. In September 2014, CareGivers Inc. underwent an extensive, on-site survey by Accreditation Canada. We are honored to announce that we have earned the Accreditation with Exemplary Standing – the highest possible result from Accreditation Canada.

No other organization in Newfoundland and Labrador has ever achieved this level of standing.

This is the same organization that accredits our Regional Health Authorities. In awarding us its highest possible rating, Accreditation Canada affirms our strong commitment to excellence.

What does this mean for our clients? It means peace of mind. You can be assured that we meet national standards for quality and safety. We are accountable. You can trust us to do things right.

As the first local home care agency to be accredited, and the only to maintain accreditation, we are extremely proud of this achievement which not only demonstrates our commitment to quality in home support, but also an understanding of the required organizational practices across the health care field.

This is a milestone to be celebrated, and we congratulate the entire team for the commitment to providing safe, high quality health services.

Accreditation Canada Quality Standards

The system-wide standards address governance, leadership, infection prevention and control, and medication management—topics that are important in all health care organizations, no matter what service is being provided. In addition to the system-wide standards, an organization would also use service excellence standards that address specific types of services, conditions, and populations.

The standards support the organization’s ongoing quality improvement activities. They focus on the essential components of safe and effective health care and are based on five attributes of excellence—clinical leadership, people, processes, information, and performance.