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Vial of Life

vial decalVIAL OF LIFE is the difference between life and death in case of emergency, as it speaks FOR YOU- saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

CareGivers is proud to sponsor this life saving service, teaming up and providing with core community supports, as one of our core values is Community. We take your safety to heart, and want to give our gift of Care through this program.

The VIAL OF LIFE contains your essential medical information including medical conditions, past history, current medications & allergies, even including your emergency contacts.  It allows emergency personnel in crucial moments access to your complex medical history at their fingertips, enabling them to administer the proper medical treatment. The sticker alerts your family or first responders to get your VIAL OF LIFE from your fridge giving full medical information to them, as well as the hospital upon your arrival if you are unable to communicate with them at the time of an emergency.

Call now for your VIAL OF LIFE offered across the island- this small sticker can make a BIG difference:

·         Bonavista 709-468-5545

·         Placentia 709-227-7500

·         Conception Bay North 709-222-9009