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14) Are you open on Christmas Day?

Yes, our services are open 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us anytime.

13) When is the right time to seek help?

Families often wait until the stress and comfort levels have risen, or an injury occurs. There is no obligation or cost in chatting with our intake coordinator or nursing staff to have the conversation. Simply give us a call and we will help provide advice and assistance when necessary.

12) My mother is nervous about setting up home support, how will the process start?

Families are often reluctant in starting care and having someone come into their home for assistance is a major decision. The comfort of our clients and families is very important to CareGivers; and we will have our Intake Coordinator come to your home for your first meeting to gather information and chat with family. This will help us in finding a compatible match in staffing for your family. A full transition process will begin from there within the clients comfort level until a staff person is fully integrated into the home.

11) Do you offer any other nursing services?

CareGivers has a full list of clinical and nursing services offered in each office location across NL.

10) How do you make sure the staff will arrive on time?

CareGivers utilizes a telephone system for staff to sign in and out for shifts, this allows accurate and real time oversight on staffing hrs. The use of Technology is very important to help our care team and families keep in touch with daily care.

9) Can we change the hrs of care provided?

Families and clients are able to change the hours of care requested at anytime, a simple phone call to our office and our scheduling staff will be happy to work with your changing needs.

8) Are you a NL company?

CareGivers is 100% locally owned and operated right here in NL.

7) Will someone check in with the family after service is started?

One of our direct care managers will be sure to check in with family and loved ones after care has begun, and throughout the duration of care. Care managers, and nursing staff will be checking with families regularly to gain feedback.

6) Are you staff screened and bondable?

Yes, all staff are thoroughly screened through a vigorous hiring and selection process.

5) Are you Nationally Accredited?

CareGivers take great pride in being the only nationally accredited home support agency offering service in NL. National accreditation is a third party to ensure quality care through the entire organization.

4) Who do I call if I need help during the night?

Clients are encouraged and welcome to contact their local office on-call at anytime during the day or night should an emergency arise and need extra assistance.

3) Do you have a live manager answer the emergency line?

Yes, we have direct office managers who answer the emergency on-call line 24/7. These managers know and understand the needs of our clientele in a personal way.

2) Do you have a full time nurse on staff?

CareGivers has a full complement of Registered Nurses on staff in each location to help meet the various needs in around our communities. Clients are welcome to call one of our nursing staff at anytime.

1) Can I get help paying for my care?

Yes, There are several methods of obtaining financial assistance to help pay for the care necessary. Our intake process will walk families through this process together.