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Home Support

homsupport_220x160We are dedicated to helping our clients live as independently as possible in their own homes.  Because we know that independence is deeply connected to personal satisfaction and quality of life,  Aging-at-Home Plans are a core part of what we do. This includes helping clients at home and in the community and our services range from medical, nursing and therapeutic treatments to assistance with the basic activities of daily living.

CareGivers provides specialty services such as Alzheimer’s care, palliative care and care for persons with disabilities.  We also work with chronically or terminally ill persons, persons in recovery and anyone who needs a little extra help at any stage of life.  Is CareGivers Home Care the right choice for you? Visit our online needs assessment or call us to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

Housekeeping – Whether because of age, illness, disability or other circumstances, many people find they need housekeeping support. Our Coordinator meets with you to understand your situation and tailor a program to your specific needs. Extra effort is made to ensure you are comfortable with having someone in your home. Staff are screened by CareGivers and assigned based on the best fit with the client. Arrivals and departures are monitored and tasks carefully tracked and adjusted to ensure a sanitary, orderly and safe environment.

Personal Care – Personal care includes assistance ranging from help with bathing, hygiene and dressing to physiotherapy. In creating a personal care plan, CareGivers meets with clients and families to determine just what those needs are and whether full time or part time care is needed. Or staff are sensitive to the individual’s need to maintain dignity and we ensure compatibility between worker and client. Our goal is always to be supportive and encouraging, helping our clients to remain as independent as possible.

Meal Preparation – We all know that nutrition is a key to good health. But often, when a person is elderly, ill or with a disability, eating a balanced diet can be one of the hardest things to do. Our meal preparation plans are highly individual and may include nutritional counseling, dietary planning and arranging for grocery orders. In every case, we take into account issues such as underlying health conditions, interactions with medications, allergies and personal tastes.

Medication Reminder – Taking medication properly can be complicated and errors can have devastating effects. We work with clients, families and medical practitioners to develop customized programs. Medications are carefully scheduled and tracked. Our home care workers not only ensure that clients take their medications properly; we are also patient in helping them understand what they are taking and why. Through our Family Portal you can review medication records and information about the care provided for a loved one at any time.

Respite – A short-term illness or other circumstance, or a physical or mental disability, can leave individuals and/or families in need of respite care. CareGivers provide a full range of respite care, scheduled and tailored to meet individual needs. Our workers are supportive and encouraging, helping each client to maintain dignity and independence while supporting families in times of stress and difficulty.