Nicole’s Story
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Nicole’s Story

When Nicole Taylor moved back to Botwood from Clarenville a couple of years ago, she decided to give caregiving a try. Her mom, Juanita, had been a caregiver for quite some time and Nicole thought she might also enjoy it. 

“I work with three clients right now,” says Nicole. “They often enjoy chatting about how things were in the old days. One of my clients is originally from Peterview and that’s where I am from, too. She loves telling stories and talks about areas that were once her family’s farm land and it’s interesting to see what is there now.” 

It’s unsurprising that Nicole has an interest in learning more about the place she’s from because her family and heritage means a lot to her. She comes from a close-knit family and she and her mom are often found cheering on her two younger brothers in various sporting events. 

“I think you need to be very patient to be a caregiver,” says Nicole. “It’s not always fun. There are times when it is hard and tiring but you need to understand that it is just as hard for the clients.” 

“I enjoy caregiving because for some clients their caregiver is the only person they see during the day,” adds Nicole. “It makes it worth it to see them enjoying some company and getting to tell their stories or to help them do things they used to be able to do for themselves.” 

Working with CareGivers has enabled Nicole to find meaningful employment while continuing to live in her hometown near her family. If you’d like to learn more about a career as a caregiver, please click here


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