Karen’s Story
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Karen’s Story

What do you enjoy about being a caregiver?

One simple question is all it took to spark a heartwarming conversation with Karen Simmons.

“I love my job,” says Karen. “It’s so rewarding. Makes your heart fill right up.”

Karen has been a caregiver for over 30 years, almost four years with CareGivers in Corner Brook, and has worked with several different clients during this time. She always goes the extra mile to bring a smile to their faces. Karen is often admired for her amazing energy and positive attitude and keeps a bulletin in her home where she puts up positive phrases like ‘Stay Positive. Be Thankful.’

“I have a client who keeps a nice garden and grows berries,” says Karen. “She does not want her gooseberries to fall on the ground, so I help her pick them and afterwards we get together and make jam. She is so thankful and happy to have someone who cares for her.”


“Life is only what you make it,” says Karen, who is all about thoughtful gestures. “I made beautiful cupcakes for Easter, with a basket and everything, and did up a gift pack for one of my clients who loves chocolate cake.” It’s clear that giving freely to others brings Karen joy. She beams as she speaks, “another client loved a dress I had worn only a couple of times. So I packaged it up and gave it to her. She adored it.”

Karen has three beautiful daughters and three beautiful grandchildren. She loves to spend time with family and cook meals for them, so having them close by is important to her. She was once a full-time floral designer and occasionally finds time to do up bouquets, but she usually spends as much of her free time as possible with her grandchildren.


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