Pam’s Story
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Pam’s Story

Pam Densmore lives a busy lifestyle – she has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History, works a full-time job and enjoys volunteering. As an avid sports fan, she travels to Toronto annually to volunteer at the Rogers Cup professional tennis tournament that runs for 10 days each summer.

Pam is also in a wheelchair and benefits from flexible home support to help her prepare for her day and assist with household chores. Finding an agency that offers quality care paired with the flexibility to fit her busy schedule is very important to Pam, and that’s why she chose CareGivers.

Right before Christmas 2018, a pipe break caused flooding that destroyed Pam’s home and she found herself temporarily living in a hotel room while her home was being rebuilt. With this disruption in her schedule came a disruption in the care she was receiving, and she began looking for a new service provider. It was at this time that Pam was recommended to contact CareGivers.

“I was told that CareGivers is known for its good people and reputation. I saw this for myself when Donna came to meet me in my hotel room and stayed, talking to me for a couple of hours,” says Pam. “She sat there, listening to what I had to say, and having someone to talk to meant a lot to me.”

“When Donna found me, I was not in a good place, but she patiently asked questions and listened to understand my needs and concerns. It showed that details are important to the CareGivers staff,” adds Pam. “It was easy to transition my care to CareGivers and service was set up for the next morning. Any small issues that come up, as they do from time to time, are always worked out quickly. I don’t get put off.”

“If someone can provide care and make me laugh between six and seven in the morning, I can’t really ask for much more,” Pam says, noting that the women who take care of her are very pleasant, relaxed, and get stuff done. “They are really good at notifying me of anything that might need my attention. They are very good at communicating with me. It’s the little things that go a long way, and the girls are very sweet.”

CareGivers is dedicated to helping people remain independent and fulfilled. Our aim is to create strong client-caregiver relationships by understanding the unique needs and preferences of each person we serve and matching them with a caregiver who has the skills, experience and personality to enable success. We provide care to clients with different needs and we are proud to offer our services across the entire island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador. To learn more about our services, click here


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