Seeing changes in our aging family members isn’t easy.
Everyone enjoys their independence, but there comes a
time when it’s difficult to do some things on your own.

Some seniors may ask for help, but sometimes they don’t realize their needs and other times they don’t want to be a burden.

Either way, it is important to understand the care needs of your loved one and this list of warning signs might indicate a need for some extra home care.

One of the best ways to approach whether your loved one needs help is to think about how well they navigate their typical daily routine and take note of the following:


• Home is unnaturally cluttered and has not been cleaned

• Lawn has not been mowed in a while or snow has not been cleared

• Not doing laundry, waiting for a long time to do laundry and/or not folding and putting it away

• Not planning, preparing and eating nutritious meals

• Other housework appears to be neglected

A gloved hand cleans a toilet with a toilet brush
An older man wearing a surgical mask sits on a park bench


• Forgetting to turn off the oven, stove, lights, or heat

• Leaving doors and windows of house and car unlocked

• Finances are overdue and payments are made late

• Hesitation and/or unwillingness to drive places for errands


• Unable/unwilling to get out of bed and make their way around the house without much trouble

• Unable to climb stairs, get in/on and out/off of the shower, tub and/or toilet safely

Very close up photo of a woman's wrinkled face
A man with a walking stick walks along the ocean


• Difficulty managing medical equipment like oxygen devices

• Visible and unusual weight gain or loss

• Not taking medications or not taking the right dosage at the right time, either because of forgetting or lack of motivation

• Not engaging in exercise and other physical fitness activities as recommended or even as they used to

• Not managing their health needs safely and effectively, including not attending appointments


• Difficulty putting thoughts to words, experiencing confusion, difficulty making normal conversation and remembering things

• Less socializing with family, friends, neighbours and not attending activities as per usual

• Wandering out of the house without telling anyone where they are going

Older couple sit on a sofa together

If you have noticed these signs of aging or have concerns about your loved one, bring them to the attention of a physician and consider additional care in the home.


At CareGivers we create a care plan based on your needs, lifestyle, and personality to match you with the right supports and caregiver. Book a consultation to create your unique plan.

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