Aging feet need extra care. Over time feet flatten and become wider and nearly 75% of people experience foot problems during their lifetime.

 Peripheral vascular disease and diabetes increase the need for good care of your feet.


Here are our best tips for good foot care for seniors:

  • It is important to wash feet daily with soap and lukewarm water, but avoid soaking them because this may dry them out 
  • Ensure feet are dried properly after washing, especially between the toes
  • In order to further reduce moisture, talcum powder can be used, but remove all the powder after dusting to avoid residue between the toes
  • Reducing moisture can cause the skin to get dry, a good moisturizer can be applied to feet, but not between the toes
  • Keeping the skin between the toes dry helps prevent infection. 
  • Feet should be inspected daily to check for cuts, sores, bruises, swelling, and any changes to toenails that may lead to infection
  • Trimming toenails properly is key, cut them straight across with a nail clipper, avoid cutting into corners, which will help prevent the nails from growing into the skin 
  • Properly fitting footwear is important to avoid hurting the feet, measure properly for each new pair of shoes because foot size and shape can change over time 
  • Comfortable new shoes should ideally fit both the length and width of the foot, with plenty of room for the toes 
  • To reduce the chance of accidental damage to feet, going barefoot should be avoided, even in the home.
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If you or your loved one needs a little help keeping feet healthy, reach out to us or our sister company, HealthQuest to help alleviate your foot pain, address all foot care needs, and find the orthotic solution for you. Email for more information.


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